SKYMARK Water-Cooled Self-Contained units are manufactured using high-quality products and processes and save energy for our customers. Convenient for installations when packaged indoor equipment are needed or required, units are installed easily by connecting to a building water loop and ducting supply air to the conditioned space.

Using a water-loop provides more efficient heat transfer as compared to similar air-cooled packaged equipment. Available waterside economizers allow the unit to operate without the compressor when building loop temperatures are appropriate.

  • AHRI Certified, ETL Listed
  • Environmentally-friendly R-410A refrigerant
  • Great for new construction or retrofit
  • Vertical, free standing
  • Microprocessor controls
  • Multiple compressors (> 5 tons)
  • Waterside economizer
  • Hot gas bypass
  • Hot gas bypass
  • Water regulating valves
  • Oversized motor
  • Discharge plenum
  • Corrosion protectice coil coating
  • High-performance coaxial tube-in-tube condenser coil(s)
  • Field convertible discharge orientation