Vertical Stacked Water Source Heat Pumps (VSCS) from SKYMARK offer the ultimate in multi-story HVAC design flexibility. The VSCS Series is a compact, concealed system, capable of providing total heating and cooling functions for a single zone or multiple rooms.

These units offer the flexibility of a four-pipe fan coil system at the cost of a two-pipe system, with the added flexibility of individual tenant metering. VSCS Series units are ideally suited for the total heating and cooling needs of any two-plus story building with a consistent floor plan.

  • Pre-engineered unit/piping system great for repeating floor patterns
  • Cabinet/chassis design facilitates easy installation and servicing
  • Vertical stacked, concealed design
  • Galvanized cabinet with ½” acoustic insulation
  • Microprocessor-based controls
  • Interfaces with standard thermostat
  • PSC and ECM motors
  • Stainless steel drain pan
  • Outside air opening with motorized damper
  • Up to three (3) supply air openings
  • Up to 120” riser length (supply, condensate, return), factory installed
  • High-performance coaxial tube-in-tube condenser coil
  • Master / slave risers
  • Type-L risers
  • Corrosion protective coil coating
  • Double-deflection supply grilles
  • Fusing
  • Auto-flow regulator valve